Throughout the Bible we find that having direction and purpose in ministry is important to keep the Church on the course set by our Master, Jesus Christ. For this reason we constantly seek God through prayer concerning the vestment of  time, money, and energy of our fellowship.  In addition, we believe that the ministry of Christ was intentional, well-calculated, and always for the glory of the Father.

In scripture it is clear that Christ gave His disciples two general callings before he left this Earth- to make disciples and to be witnesses. The vision of Calvary Chapel East is to fulfill these mandates and bring glory to God by emphasizing six crucial goals:

1. To make disciples of Christ

Just as Jesus took twelve men under His leadership in order to teach them how to please God, we also believe that solid discipleship happens through intimacy, submission, and accountability. For this reason, we provide many small group opportunities where all people can connect with a more mature believer in order to learn what walking with Jesus is all about. Small groups and one on one time are invaluable and essential for spiritual growth.

2. To exalt and teach God’s Word from cover to cover

In keeping with the tradition of Paul the Apostle, we seek to study the entirety of God’s Word without omission. We believe that growth is a product of knowing God more and therefore studying the Bible. For this reason, we put a focus on expositional Bible teaching in every service and small group.

3. To be a family

When we become born again Christians, Christ invites us to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven and the family of God. Our desire is to form life lasting, Christ-centered relationships able to brave the storms of life. Therefore, fellowship plays an important role in each small group as well as special events and retreats.

4. To provide a Biblically-based education

In a time where mainstream academia stands in contrary to the foundational principles of the Bible, God has called us to train up children with reverence and a Biblical worldview. Calvary Christian Academy seeks to fulfill this call by providing quality education and discipleship for grades K-12.

5. To spread God’s love worldwide

In order to truly fulfill the Great Commission we believe that we must aid the spread of God’s Word in reaching every tribe, tongue, and nation. As God’s heart yearns for each soul to receive His truth, we aim to support and encourage worldwide missions. Currently, we maintain a commitment to our church plant in Honduras and often we support missionaries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.

6. To flourish as a body

We believe that rather than being a “organization,” the church is a living organism. It is our desire to continually grow in love, maturity, and number. We accomplish this through evangelism, following the Holy Spirit, and by providing a welcoming atmosphere.

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